Bone Inlay Pearl Mirror



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Looking for stylish and affordable home decor options? Check out our Bone Inlay products, now available at a reduced price of ₹15,000.00 (originally priced at ₹21,500.00) with a 30% discount badge!

Bone Inlay is a decorative technique that involves embedding small pieces of bone, shell, or ivory into a wooden surface, creating intricate and colorful patterns. This ancient craft has been revived in modern times, with artisans from India, Morocco, and other countries producing a wide range of Bone Inlay products such as furniture, trays, boxes, mirrors, and frames.

Our Bone Inlay collection includes various items that are both functional and artistic, adding a touch of exotic charm to any room in your house. For example, you can choose a Bone Inlay coffee table that features a mosaic of white and black bone inlaid in a mango wood frame, creating a striking contrast of texture and color. You can also opt for a Bone Inlay mirror that showcases delicate floral motifs in blue and green bone against a white background, which can be hung on a wall or placed on a dresser.

By buying our Bone Inlay products, you not only enjoy the aesthetic beauty of these pieces, but also support the artisans and their traditional skills. Each Bone Inlay product is handmade and unique, reflecting the creativity and craftsmanship of the maker. You can be assured of the quality and durability of these products, as they are made with solid wood and natural bone, and undergo a rigorous process of polishing and finishing to achieve a smooth and glossy surface.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your home decor with our Bone Inlay products at a discounted price. Order now and elevate your style with elegance and diversity!

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